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Auszeichnung von Proven Expert als Top Dienstleister für die dauerhafte Haarentfernung von Haarfreiheit
Von Kunden empfohlen Proven Expert Auszeichnung
Auszeichnung von für Haarfreiheit als Top-Dienstleister für die dauerhafte Haarentfernung über mehrere Jahre
Zertifizierungs Icon NiSV
Auszeichnung von Proven Expert als Top Dienstleister für die dauerhafte Haarentfernung von Haarfreiheit
Von Kunden empfohlen Proven Expert Auszeichnung
Auszeichnung von für Haarfreiheit als Top-Dienstleister für die dauerhafte Haarentfernung über mehrere Jahre
Zertifizierungs Icon NiSV
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Professional photoepilation:
With us you get the best treatment options  
with state-of-the-art technology & supreme service 

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Specialist-team – ntmc GmbH:

Ms. Nadine Talas, specialist in the aesthetic field, and hercolleagues of specialists support haarfreiheit with their competence. Their expertise is available to make medical diagnoses for hair and skin and the advice and training of our specialist staff. The haarfreiheit-specialist staff can thus offer you a safe and professional treatment. 
Effective & permanent hair removal* with real expertise. 

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We are NiSV certified!

The NiSV is a state ordinance for protection against harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation when applied to humans

Of course, our specialist staff is trained and certified in accordance with this law. The comprehensive training ensures proper handling of technologies and ensures proper responsibility and education on the subject of permanent hair removal by means of light & laser. So you can always feel safe and in good hands with hairlessness

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Overview of your treatment

Smooth skin – without constant shaving, epilating or waxing! 
XENOgel® Technology is the solution for your permanent* freedom of hairs: 
painless & efficient. 

We are your experts, you will receive a free consultation on our techniques and treatment options.
You can find us at more and more locations in your area.

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1. Just relax!

Your treatments are painless, with our service you can escape your everyday life and relax: 
Our haarfreiheit-team will help you to a pleasant hair-free future.

Photo Consultation with the expert

2. Free-of-charge consultation: No question remains unanswered

You will profit from our exclusive XENOgel® Technology: Latest photoepilation technology with crystal gel treatment. In addition, we will be glad to inform you about other lasers and light techniques available from us and the pricing of your personal treatment plan. 

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3. individual and effective

Through a skin and hair analysis, we help you to achieve your best hair-free result.

Our professionally trained staff carries out the treatments. All our employees have been trained in the in-house academy and are updated in regular training courses on current medical and technical aspects.  
We help you to your dream of silky smooth skin. 

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Cycle-optimized treatment scedule

Reasons for multiple sessions

The hair growth phase, technically also called the anagen phase, describes the time in which the hair is connected to the root. The hair is supplied with nutrients and develops.

Subsequently, the hair falls into a resting phase, technically also called telogen phase – the hair is not in contact with the root during this time and rests.

Growth-phases of your hair

About 10% of your hair is growing and in the anagen phase at the same time, the remaining 90% is resting in the telogen phase. In an example calculation of 1000 hairs, only about 100 in growth the remaining 900 hairs are resting. The growth period lasts about 4 weeks, followed by about 9×4 weeks of a telogen phase. The hair goes through its phases independently of each other.

Light and laser treatment of the hair is effective in the growth phase, as the energy can only be directed to the hair root in this state. Therefore, a 4-week rhythm should be maintained during photoepilation, so that other 10% of the hair can always be treated in their respective growth phase. This ensures that you achieve your goal of permanent* hair freedom.

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With the following suggestions, you can achieve an optimization of your treatment.

Your To-dos 

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● Drink plenty of water: about 2-4 liters, which supports your metabolism and prevents wrinkles. Your skin looks tightened and smoother 

● Your body regions should be shaved the day before for treatment (wet/dry)

● Treat free areas of skin with appropriate cream (sun protection factor) to protect these skin areas from sun exposure 

● Take care of your skin: you will quickly notice the convincing success of our treatment. 

Your No-gos 

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● Do not depilate with wax strips or the epilator days before the appointment. Only in this way can the light energy be directed to the hair root via the residual hair remaining in the skin.  

● Creams for depilation should also not be used for the same reason during the treatment period. 

● You should better refrain from solarium visits or extensive sunbathing. The body’s own dye melanin in the hair determines the success – increased melanin levels in the skin can negatively influence the treatment success depending on the technique used

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