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Permanent hair removal for men

No more annoying shaving on arms and hands

Nonverbal communication with arms and hands

Every day we communicate not only verbally, but also with our body language. As a result, our hands are often the center of attention, as they are often used to gesticulate. This is how many people like to express themselves. Therefore, it is very important that in addition to our hands, our arms also look particularly well-groomed. The best way to achieve this is with smooth skin.

Arm hair do not have to be shaved again

To ensure a well-groomed appearance on the arms and hands, many people reach for the razor. Unfortunately, this costs not only a lot of time, but also a lot of nerves, because this procedure must be repeated over and over again. Otherwise, unsightly stubble can be seen, which significantly disturbs the whole appearance. Waxing the arm hair also helps only in the short term, because here the hair grows back more slowly, but does not remain permanently*. Particularly problematic, however, is the severe pain that occurs during treatment.

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Relax and get rid of hair on the arm

Permanent hair removal* by Haarfreiheit Stuttgart is particularly suitable for the arms and hands, as the hair is immediately noticeable here if it is not removed regularly. Treat yourself to this luxury and find the right technique for your needs.

Best Hygiene

In summer, dirt particles can quickly accumulate on hairy parts of the body due to sweat. With permanent hair removal in the arms and hands, this is no longer a problem. Perfect hygiene at all times.

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You are at the experts with Haarfreiheit

The Institute of Haarfreiheit in Stuttgart can offer you all technologies for hair removal with light such as SHR, XENOgel Technology, IPL, Alexandrite, diode or ND:YAG lasers to permanently get rid of hair on the arms and hands. These technologies are best used if they are also used by qualified professionals. For this reason, we regularly train our staff and ensure that they have the appropriate expertise. Therefore, you can feel comfortable at any time with your competent partner hair freedom.


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