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Permanent hair removal* with the alexandrite laser

The alexandrite laser is not only used for permanent hair removal*, but also for the removal of tattoos and pigment disorders. For permanent hair removal, laser energy of exactly 755 nm wavelength is used. This bundled light energy optimally reaches the hair root and can destroy it permanently, so that regeneration remains impossible. The alexandrite laser also has an innovative cooling technology, which makes the treatment completely painless.

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Permanent* hair removal with the alexandrite laser

skin friendly and effective

4 weeks before the treatment, intensive sun exposure through sunbathing or solarium visits should be avoided. This is based on the technology of the alexandrite laser, because with tanned skin the light impulses are blocked. Thus, they can no longer reach the hair root and the treatment would not only be ineffective but would also involve a high risk of burns.

In addition, all hair removal methods that remove the hair root should also be avoided. This includes epilating, plucking, waxing but also the use of bleaching agents and depilatory creams. Shaving, on the other hand, is possible before the treatment. If permanent hair removal is to take place in the facial area, we ask you to remove makeup from the skin before the treatment.

Thanks to the innovative cooling technology of the alexandrite laser, no anaesthesia is necessary. It is completely normal that slight reddening of the skin occurs due to the heat generated during the treatment. These will disappear within two days.

How long a session lasts depends on the size of the respective body area. A treatment on the upper lip only takes about 10 minutes, while a treatment on the legs could take about an hour.

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Hair growth cycle

Since hair has a specific growth cycle permanent hair removal* with light will always require several sessions. Hair has three cycles: growth phase, transition phase and rest phase.

Only hairs that are in the growth phase can be treated. This is only a maximum of one third of the hair. The remaining hairs are found in one of the other two phases and must be treated at another time. After four to eight weeks the hairs change their cycle, and a new session can take place. Thus, it always takes several sessions to completely remove all hairs.

Important tips

skin and hair nature

Especially people with light skin and dark hair benefit from a treatment with the alexandrite laser. Here, the distribution of melanin is optimal for the laser, so that the bundled light waves can easily pass through the light skin and the dye of the hair can transport them to the hair root. These are heated strongly for a short time so that denaturation takes place. Thus, a chain reaction is triggered, whereby the scavenger cells (macrophages) of the body are activated to remove the cause of the inflammation, the treated hair root. This prevents the hair from regenerating.

Each body reacts differently to treatment with light, but generally dark and thick hair is optimal for treatment with the alexandrite laser. If this is the case, there is nothing to prevent treatment on any part of the body, such as the legs, neck or chest area, bikini line or even the face.

very light and grey hair

Due to the lack of melanin in very light or grey hair, treatment with the alexandrite laser cannot take place. Unfortunately, this method is also not possible for dark-skinned people. However, we offer alternative technologies.

efficiency of the alexandrite laser

Long-term studies prove the sustainability, as well as effectiveness with the alexandrite laser. Already after the first treatment, successes can be seen, due to a lower number and density of hairs.

After how many sessions the result is achieved depends on the individual circumstances of the customer. On average, around eight sessions are needed for a perfect result.

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