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The term SHR

The abbreviation of a hair removal method

Does SHR belong to laser hair removal, or is it perhaps something else? The abbreviation SHR (Super Hair Removal) refers to one of the most advanced technologies for permanent* hair removal. Therefore, the term does not refer to a specific brand or product. This advanced technique is available for hair removal treatment in Stuttgart. Are you considering such a treatment with SHR? Then, you can find more details about the technology itself here. Specifics, especially suitability for your hair and skin, will be discussed in your personal and free consultation at the Stuttgart institute.

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Functioning of the SHR hair removal

The technique of SHR hair removal is based on non-coherent light, which allows for a large-area treatment with each individual pulse. Therefore, although SHR is often referred to as laser hair removal, technically it is not a laser and differs from it accordingly. In our devices, the wavelength range is around 690 nm, and they are equipped with an applicator featuring specially anti-reflective sapphire glass. Thanks to the integrated water filter for high infrared ranges, strong heating or a high risk of burns can be avoided, resulting in a particularly gentle treatment for the skin.

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The method

Contrary to the IPL method, the skin is repeatedly touched with the applicator to guarantee a slow and gentle heating. This results in a temperature of around 45° Celsius, which is a significantly lower temperature compared to the IPL method. Thus, not only skin irritation, but also burns are avoided. This makes the SHR method particularly gentle on the skin and completely painless. Many customers even find the emerging heat very pleasant. The effect of permanent hair removal* with this method is also based on the permanent* destruction of the protein.

In addition, SHR technology relies only 50 percent on the transmission of light energy via melanin. The light pulses also act directly on the stem cells to cause permanent* damage to the hair roots and prevent hair regeneration. IPL treatment, on the other hand, focuses only on damaging the hair follicles. When the skin and hair have reached a temperature of about 45° Celsius, the technique still requires an active connection from the hair to the hair root (anagen phase). Only in this way the light can reach the hair root and heat up the stem cell to a certain temperature. The heat irreversibly* destroys the protein contained there. This disturbs the nutrient supply of the hair, and it falls out after the treatment.

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Important notes

Shaving can take place before and during the treatment, but any kind of epilation should be avoided, such as waxing. With this type of hair removal, the hair is removed along with the hair root and thus the connection to the stem cell. As a result, the light impulses can no longer reach the protein of the stem cell and a successful treatment is no longer possible. If hair removal has taken place by means of epilation, it is necessary to wait at least 4 weeks before permanent hair removal can take place again, as during this time the hair grows back and reaches the anagen phase.

Since shaving only cuts off the hair above the skin, the connection to the stem cell remains intact and an effective treatment can take place. We recommend always shaving the body area the day before the treatment to give the skin time to calm down. In this way, further skin irritation caused by the treatment can be avoided.

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Since the color in tattoos might react to the light pulses of the treatment, these areas are not treated. Tattoos are generally omitted in order to prevent possible damage to your health.

In the case of punctual skin pigments (e.g. birthmarks/nevus), care must also be taken to avoid them. They have a high concentration of melanin and could be attacked by the light impulses much more than the rest of the skin. In order to protect your skin from any risks, we cover such areas.


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