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Diode laser 808

laser hair removal in Stuttgart

Diode laser technology haarfreiheit stuttgart
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Permanent hair removal* with laser


The technology of the diode laser is based on bundled light, contrary to the SHR or IPL method. The wavelength of the light is 808 nm, which gives the diode laser its name. Thanks to the bundled light, an effective and precise treatment of the hair root is possible. In addition, the treatment is gentle and has a very low risk of burns, due to frequent pulses and low energy.

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Hair growth is driven by the protein in the hair root. During the treatment with the diode laser, heat is generated there to denature the protein. Thus, the hair falls out after some time. Due to the now missing nutrients, no hair can grow back. This principle is used by many lasers for permanent hair removal*.

Thanks to its specific wavelength, the 808 diode laser is particularly well suited for the skin-friendly transmission of light pulses via melanin to the hair root. Melanin is a pigment that is present in the skin depending on the degree of tan. The light cells are converted into heat in the skin. During a treatment, the body part is scanned with the handpiece of the diode laser, releasing bundled light waves. This bundling of the light waves is a decisive difference to the IPL method. Hereby the light can reach the hair root optimally.

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Hair & Body

What happens in the body?

The light waves cause an increase in temperature in the hair root and thus the denaturation of the proteins contained there. Consequently, the hair follicles now no longer receive nutrients, thus fall out and are not able to regenerate.

Another advantage of the wavelength of 808 nm is: Only skin areas that are occupied by hair papillae are heated by the light waves. Surrounding tissue remains unaffected, since the dye of the blood, hemoglobin, does not react to this wavelength either.

What must be taken into account?

For the treatment to be as effective as possible, the hair must be in the growth phase. Only in this way the hairs are in an active connection with the root and the light impulses can reach it. This is also the reason why several sessions are necessary to achieve permanent hair removal*.

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To note


Please note that you should not epilate or wax the body part for at least 4 weeks before starting the treatment. This removes the hair with its root and destroys the necessary connection for the treatment. However, this does not happen when shaving, because here the light impulses on the hair can be transported to the hair root and the effectiveness of the diode laser or any other method of permanent hair removal with light, is maintained.

In addition, you should note that any pigmentary changes in the skin (pigment or liver spots) are covered and not treated before the treatment. These cells have a high concentration of melanin and would react very strongly to the treatment.

The same is the case with tattoos, as there is a risk of color change here.

Care instructions

It is not uncommon for slight redness to occur after treatment. However, these should have completely subsided after two days at the latest. You can prevent this with chamomile or aloe vera and support the healing process.

In addition, you should avoid solarium visits or sunbathing, because the natural UV protection is temporarily impaired by the treatment. For this reason, it is also advisable to use a sunscreen in the days following the treatment.


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