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Hair Removal

Permanent* laser hair removal in Stuttgart

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Laser structure

How does the ND:YAG laser work at laser hair removal?

Innovative laser technology enables optimal success for permanent hair removal*. It has been proven that the most effective way to permanently get rid of annoying hair is a treatment with light. The ND:YAG laser works with bundled light, which reaches the hair root and releases thermal energy there. The released energy stops the hair reproduction due to the damage of the hair root and consequently the nutrient supply.

Technical details of the hair removal laser

The YAG laser belongs to the group of solid-state lasers. It emits high-energy, short light pulses with a wavelength of 1064 nm. The abbreviation stands for neodymium-doped laser, which is equipped with an yttrium-aluminum-garnet crystal. Here, the generated light hits the crystal, which in turn activates neodymium atoms and causes the laser to emit light pulses.

Due to the special laser technology, a selective effect can be made on certain skin color types. This has the advantage of targeted treatment, without further damage to surrounding tissue or blood vessels. Since the wavelength of the laser is optimally matched to the melanin of the hair, the light can be optimally absorbed by the hair root.

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graphic ND:YAG laser mode of action

Mode of operation at laser-hair-removal

How does the ND:YAG laser work?

As soon as the light pulses hit the skin surface, they are absorbed by the melanin and transmitted directly through the hair to the hair root. There, the light energy is converted into heat, which deprives the hair follicle of its function, namely nutrient supply. Thus, no further hair can be formed. No surrounding skin tissue or blood vessels are damaged in the process.

Special features of the hair removal laser

Since this technique only affects hair or hair roots, it is optimal for darker skin types. Usually, darker skin types have thicker and darker hair growth, which means that the hair sits deeper in the skin. The light pulses of the YAG laser can penetrate particularly deep (up to about 5 mm) into the skin and reach the deep-seated hair roots.

Consideration of the growth cycle in permanent laser hair removal

Each hair goes through a specific cycle: growth, transition and inactive phase. Successful treatment can only take place when the hair is in the growth phase, because only then is there an active connection between the hair and the hair root. About 10% of all hairs are in the growth phase at the same time, which is why it is not possible to reach all hairs with only one session. On average, 8-10 sessions are needed to successfully treat each hair. However, progress is visible after each session.

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Procedure and instructions for a treatment with the ND:YAG-Laser

What is the procedure of a treatment with ND:YAG laser?

During the treatment, the handpiece of the ND:YAG laser is placed on the body part and a light pulse is delivered. A slight tingling or pricking sensation may be felt, but this is completely unproblematic. A slight reddening of the skin may also occur after the treatment, but this will disappear after 3 days at the latest.

To note before and after the laser treatment

Since melanin plays an important role in the treatment, intensive sunbathing and solarium sessions should be avoided for 3-4 weeks. This will help to avoid unnecessary skin irritation. In addition, you can protect yourself from sun exposure with a sunscreen SPF 50.

At least 4 weeks before the treatment, epilation or bleaching should be avoided. This also applies to the removal of hair by plucking or waxing, because here the hair is removed with the root. However, this connection is urgently needed for the light to be transmitted to the hair root.

For optimal preparation for the treatment, you should shave the body area the day before. If you would like to have a treatment in the facial area, we ask you to remove your make-up beforehand and clean the skin thoroughly.

You should also avoid intense sunlight after the treatment, as the skin can react sensitively here and in the worst case develop a pigment disorder.

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