Benefit from our expertise in the field of permanent hair removal*, as well as our advanced technologies. We offer numerous market-leading technologies in Stuttgart, which you can already get to know in this overview. We will be happy to determine the most suitable technology after analyzing your skin and hair. Trust in our competence and experience.

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the revolutionary XENOgel Technology®

Permanent hair removal* with full effectiveness and completely without pain

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XENOgel® Technology is a particularly skin-friendly and effective method of permanent hair removal*, because it combines the latest photoepilation technology with a special crystal gel.

The basis of permanent hair removal* is melanin, which is contained in the hair. It transmits each light impulse to the hair root, where it is converted into heat. As a result, the stem cell of the hair is denatured and the supply of nutrients is cut off. Thus, the reproduction of a hair is prevented and the desired effect of permanent hair removal occurs.

The crystal gel serves to optimize the effect of light and thus enhances the effect. In addition, it has a particularly cooling impact, so the treatment is completely painless.


In addition to the advantage of permanent* removal of body hair, XENOgel® Technology also convinces with a completely painless treatment. Furthermore, due to the high skin compatibility, even sensitive body areas, such as the intimate area, can be treated without any problems.


Many techniques of hair removal with light fail on red and light hair. However, this is not the case with XENOgel® Technology, because any type of hair, including light and red hair, can be treated effectively with it.


Before each session, the corresponding area of the body should be shaved. However, it is essential to make sure that at least 4 weeks before the start of the treatment the hair has not been removed with sugaring, waxing or epilation. Here, the hair is removed along with the hair root and thus the light can no longer reach the root, which leads to an ineffective treatment.

the well-known IPL method

The well-known method is used by many providers. We also offer this method.

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Permanent hair removal* with IPL

The IPL method removes hair with pure light and is therefore not a classic laser. The abbreviation IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light.


The IPL technology works with different light spectra. This has the advantage that larger areas can be treated with a single pulse, which saves not only time but also money. In addition, the light spectra can be perfectly adjusted to the individual needs of the customer and thus perfect results can be achieved.


Treatment of very light or gray hair is problematic with the IPL method, because the melanin in the hair is missing. Therefore, the light cannot be optimally transmitted to the hair root. People with dark hair and light skin benefit most from this procedure, as the conditions are optimal here.


Also with the IPL procedure, the body part should be shaved the day before. Here, waxing, sugaring or epilation should also be avoided for up to 4 weeks beforehand, as this means that there is no longer an active connection between the hair and the hair root. In addition, you should protect the corresponding skin area from intense sunlight.

The innovative SHR technology

The proven procedure gently and permanently* removes all unwanted hair.

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The abbreviation SHR stands for “Super Hair Removal” and refers to a type of permanent hair removal* using light. It works with unfocused light and an anti-reflective applicator equipped with sapphire glass. In addition, this technique has water filtering system, which filters out the infrared wavelengths.


In contrast to comparable technologies, the SHR technique requires much less energy for permanent hair removal*. Since only 50% of the light energy is transmitted via melanin, the remaining energy acts directly on the stem cells of the hair. These are responsible for the nutrient supply of the hair. The light energy causes a denaturation of the protein in the hair root.


Since the color of a tattoo could possibly be changed by the heat effect of the SHR technology, such skin areas are generally omitted during a treatment or they are covered accordingly.


At least 4 weeks before the start of the treatment, you should refrain from epilation on the desired part of the body. Since the hairs are torn out of the skin with their roots, a successful treatment with the SHR technology can no longer take place.

the popular DIODE LASER

In our institute in Stuttgart we also offer permanent hair removal* with the popular diode laser.

Diode laser technology haarfreiheit stuttgart


Among our numerous selections of different technologies, the diode laser 808 should not be missing, of course. It is one of the classic forms of laser epilation and works with a wavelength of 808 nm.


With the diode laser, a targeted treatment of individual hairs is possible. During a treatment, the light reaches the hair follicle via the connection between the hair and the hair root, where this light energy triggers a temperature of 65°-72° Celsius.


Thanks to the specific wavelength of 808 nm, the light energy unfolds only where hair follicles are located. This prevents damage to surrounding tissue.


The corresponding skin area should always be shaved beforehand, so that the skin can recover before the treatment and no further skin irritation occurs.

Focused light with the ALEXANDRITE LASER

We also offer permanent hair removal* with focused light in our institute.

Illustration alexandrite laser stuttgart


With the alexandrite laser, targeted treatment of individual hairs is also possible. However, it works with a wavelength of 755 nm.


The alexandrite laser can be used in many ways, because the technology is not only used for permanent hair removal*, but the alexandrite laser is also used in tattoo removal. In addition, it can also be used for the treatment of pigment disorders.


The duration of a treatment depends on the part of the body to be treated and can therefore vary greatly. Contrary to other techniques, a treatment of light or reddish hair with the alexandrite laser is definitely possible.


We ask you to refrain from hair removal by waxing, plucking or sugaring up to 4 weeks before the treatment, otherwise no effective treatment with the alexandrite laser can be guaranteed. However, shaving the skin area is advisable.

The advanced ND:YAG-LASER

The basis of the technology of this laser is also bundled light

ND:YAG Laser illustration stuttgart


Permanent hair removal* with the ND:YAG laser is one of the many techniques in our institute. ND:YAG laser stands for yttrium aluminum garnet laser and has a specific wavelength of 1064 nm. The pigment melanin reacts particularly well to this wavelength.


The ND:YAG laser is Q-switched and therefore particularly gentle on the skin. The special wavelength is particularly good for permanent hair removal* for darker skin types.


Even with this technology, the corresponding part of the body should be shaved the day before treatment to prevent further skin irritation.

NEEDLE EPILATION works with electric pulses

New method focused on bright skin and hair types, as the effect is not transmitted via melanin, as is the case with most other methods.

needle epilation technology haarfreiheit stuttgart


Needle epilation is different from all other technologies because it is not based on light. Needle epilation is also called electroepilation, since a fine needle is inserted into the hair canal. There, an electric impulse is delivered to the hair root.


Both white and red hair can be treated with needle epilation. The other light technologies often reach their limits with these colors.


For successful treatment with needle epilation, the hair should have a minimum length of about 2-3 mm.


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