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Permanent hair removal* for women LEGS

Wear what you want – thanks to the latest technology in Stuttgart

Hairless legs

Smooth, soft legs – the dream of every woman

For many years, silky smooth legs have been part of the aesthetics of many women. That is why almost every woman in Germany removes her leg hair. Unfortunately, this often takes a lot of time, causes itching and ingrown hairs.

Pure aesthetics

Fulfill your dream of pure aesthetics with permanent hair removal*. Smooth and beautiful legs for every day. Let us tell you more about our techniques and results in a free, non-binding initial consultation.

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With the latest technology to smooth legs

Beautiful legs with minimal effort

Our methods of permanent hair removal* fulfill your dream of smooth and tender legs in a short time, without much effort. Forget about constant shaving and use your time more wisely. You can also say goodbye to itching and ingrown hairs, because our innovative technologies are particularly gentle on the skin.

Painless treatment with cold light

Thanks to our techniques of permanent hair removal* using cold light, a particularly skin-friendly treatment is possible. Thus, you can enjoy every session in our institute completely painless. Another advantage of the painless methods is that you can optimally integrate a treatment into your everyday life.

Hair removal with laser technology

In addition to hair removal with cold light, we also offer treatment with laser technology. Our institutes have all the technologies of permanent hair removal* available on the market. Thus, we can also offer treatment with the diode laser, alexandrite laser or ND:YAG laser. Here, in contrast to cold light, bundled light is used, which is perfect for a targeted treatment of each individual hair. We will be happy to explain all other options to you in a free consultation.

Will shaving then finally be unnecessary?

Free choice of clothes

Whether you are on vacation, in the pool or in the sauna, you will never have to worry about hair growth on your legs again. Feel free to wear what you want, when you want. Show off your legs with beautiful skirts or dresses, free from any leg hair. Thanks to permanent hair removal, you will never have to endure painful hair removal methods, such as waxing, ever again.

Optimal service

Professional team

Since it is an absolute priority for us to offer you the best service, the treatments are performed exclusively by medical and trained professionals. In order to use the best technology in a targeted and efficient way, the staff needs the best know-how. In a free consultation you can learn more about our team, our technologies and the right treatment for your needs.

Prices for hair removal on the legs

The price of a permanent hair removal treatment differs only in whether only the lower legs or the complete legs are to be treated. Details about the prices can be found here. It is also possible to calculate the complete price for a combination of several body parts.


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