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Permanent hair removal for men for FACE & BEARD

Smooth skin in the face without shaving or better a well contured beard? Most modern technology in Stuttgart makes it possible.

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Remove unwanted beard hair permanently*

Perfect beard thanks to the latest technology

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a man’s face without his beard. With a well-groomed beard, you can emphasize your individuality even better. Our permanent hair removal with light makes this possible, because it allows us to rid you of any unwanted hair on your face in just a few sessions. The best technique for a perfectly contoured beard.

Without much effort to a well-groomed appearance

Our XENOgel Technology is the perfect solution for unwanted facial hair. Not only is it painless and gentle on the skin, but it removes any unwanted hair with very little effort. Stop worrying about inappropriate facial hair and trust yourself to look good in any situation.

No more stubble

Save time

Daily beard care can take up a lot of time. We want to give that time back to you with our modern technology. Forget about annoying shaving and use your time for more important things. Thanks to the skin-friendly operation of our innovative techniques, you can also say goodbye to stubble and skin irritation. Perfect skin for every day.

Emphasize your masculinity

Our medical professionals will be happy to provide you with detailed advice on our procedures to help you feel your best every day. We can make your beard look like it’s freshly shaved every day with targeted treatments. Our skin-friendly methods will rid you of annoying facial hair. The beard is back in style, however, it needs to look groomed. This can be achieved with a clean contour. How can you achieve this? Thanks to hair removal with light, you will never have to worry about time-consuming shaving.

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Modern look

Our medical and cosmetic specialists will be happy to advise you in detail about our procedures for removing facial hair, so that you feel comfortable every day. With targeted treatment, we can make your beard look freshly shaved like every day. Our skin-friendly methods free you from annoying facial hair. The beard is back in trend, but it must also look well-groomed. This can be achieved with a clean contour. But how do you get these? Thanks to light hair removal, you never have to worry about an elaborate shave again.

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Beard or smooth facial skin?

You have a choice. You are free to decide whether you want to remove only a certain area of your beard permanently* or whether you want to remove your beard at all. A targeted treatment of individual areas is possible.


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