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permanent hair removal for women under the ARMPITS

Permanently smooth armpits thanks to innovative light and laser technology in Stuttgart

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Armpit hair

Underarm hair is a natural part of the body and serves various functions. It acts as protection against friction and serves as a carrier for pheromones and unfortunately, often for sweat as well. One of several reasons to remove underarm hair. The density and color of the hair can vary depending on genetic predisposition.

How fast does armpit hair grow?

The speed of underarm hair growth varies individually. On average, underarm hair grows about 1.25 cm per month. However, hair growth occurs in phases and not all hairs grow simultaneously. The growth rate can also be influenced by factors such as hormones and genetic predisposition.

Remove armpit hair permanently*

Smooth armpits for every day

Many women want smooth underarms and not only during the summer. Even all year round, most women don’t want to have to worry about annoying hair in the underarm area. However, permanent hair removal* is not only beneficial for aesthetic reasons. Underarm hair can quickly develop unpleasant odors, despite daily hygiene. With modern photoepilation we free you from annoying hair in the armpits, completely painless and completely sustainable.

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Underarm hair promotes sweating

Underarm hair can increase sweating in hot temperatures because it retains heat and hinders air circulation. Sweating is a natural response of the body to regulate temperature. When sweat is trapped by the hair, it cannot evaporate as efficiently, leading to a damp and uncomfortable feeling. Removing underarm hair can improve air circulation and, therefore, make sweating easier, especially in hot weather or during physical activities. This can result in a more pleasant and drier sensation.

Underarm hair removal with state-of-the-art technology

Laser hair removal for armpits

Armpit hair removal with laser technology at Haarfreiheit in Stuttgart will free you from bothersome armpit hair. In addition to laser methods, we also have other technologies that can remove underarm hair for you, all without complications and pain. We ensure that pimples under the arms can’t even form after shaving.

Skin and hair types

Armpit hair removal with light and laser is possible for almost all skin and hair types, making it easy to get rid of underarm hair. For those with darker hair types, the need for action is significant, as dark, coarse stubble quickly becomes noticeable, and unfortunately, it tends to grow back rapidly.

Ingrown hairs and pimples when shaving

Some hairs, however, also grow beneath the skin, resulting in uncomfortable and often inflamed pimples under the armpits. We can free you from this burden with armpit hair removal in Stuttgart. Shaving not only takes up a lot of time but often leads to skin irritations. With Haarfreiheit, you can avoid this.

Save time with modern light technology for armpit hair removal

Smooth skin without annoying shaving

Never worry about unsightly stubble under your arms again. The underarm area is one of the most popular body regions for permanent* hair removal, and for good reason, as every woman can do without underarm hair. Smooth skin is the epitome of aesthetics. In addition, removing hair under the arms also provides a better hygienic feeling. Furthermore, it makes underarm care easier when no annoying hair is in the way. Achieve this with state-of-the-art technology like cold light or hair removal lasers and forget about tedious methods like shaving or waxing.

The most advanced technologies for armpit hair removal in Stuttgart

Never shave again, no more annoying stubble or razor bumps under the armpits, thanks to the modern techniques of photoepilation in Stuttgart. Underarm hair removal is possible with many technologies – whether with our XENOgel Technology or the diode laser. All techniques allow you to have smooth skin, completely free from pimples, itching, or inflammation. Our medical or cosmetic staff will provide you with optimal advice on the removal of annoying underarm hair, so you can fully relax at the Stuttgart institute. Only a few sessions for the desired result.


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