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The term “laser hair removal” has been established as a general term for the technique using light. Photoepilation describes more precisely the permanent hair removal*. In our institute in Stuttgart, we offer every possible technique in this category.

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Temporary hair removal – shaving, epilation and Co.

There are two different types of temporary hair removal. The most popular and most used is depilation. Here, the hair is cut off above the skin surface and the remaining part of the hair remains intact under the skin. There the hair continues to grow unhindered and after a short time it is again visible above the skin. This leads to stubble formation and other annoying problems.


The razor is most commonly used for depilation. Whether disposable or gel razors, which are additionally used with shaving foam, is irrelevant for the time being. Although the shaving foam significantly reduces the risk of a cut, small cuts still occur very often. This is not only painful, but in the worst case can even cause inflammation. Unfortunately, cuts often occur in areas that are difficult to reach or are uneven. Nevertheless, many people take on this procedure every day.

Depilatory cream

Depilation is also done by applying a depilatory cream, which removes hair on a chemical basis. The result is temporary but can last much longer than a classic shave.

Waxing & Sugaring

The second type of temporary hair removal is epilation. This is the removal of the complete hair, i.e. hair as well as hair root. Since the body has to reproduce a new hair after epilation, here the effect of epilation can be much longer. It can take up to 5 weeks for the first hair to grow back. Techniques such as waxing or sugaring, but also the removal of hair with an epilator are quite common. However, all techniques have a very significant disadvantage: the treatment involves not inconsiderable pain, because here the hair is torn from the skin.

Although with epilation a much more long-lasting result, up to 5 weeks, can be achieved depilation is much more common. This is because epilation leads to painful skin irritation, especially in sensitive and delicate areas.

Permanent hair removal* with light

The innovative XENOgel® Technology

During permanent hair removal*, the hair root is specifically heated, which causes the protein stored there to denature and thus prevents the cell from regenerating. Our XENOgel® Technology also uses this principle. Here, an innovative photoepilation system is combined with a crystal gel, which ensures special skin-friendliness. The hair root is continuously heated until a temperature of around 45° Celsius is reached. The crystal gel ensures an optimization of the light effect and thus increases the effectiveness in each session. In addition, the crystal gel serves to cool the skin, which in turn makes the treatment not only completely painless, but also very skin friendly.

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IPL-hair removal

The IPL hair removal works with very short successive light pulses of 2-300 milliseconds, which release an energy of 12-120 joules per cm². This released energy reaches the hair root directly via the hair or via the body’s own pigment melanin. As a result, the hair root is heated up to 72° Celsius. However, other cells also have the dye melanin and additionally absorb this energy, which can lead to swelling in the respective body area. We offer treatment with IPL, but we recommend the XENOgel Technology.

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SHR-hair removal

In this technique, only 50% of the energy is absorbed through the melanin and the remaining portion acts directly on the stem cells of the hair, which are responsible for reproduction. Since, contrary to the IPL method, the path via the melanin is not used to 100%, it is possible to work with a significantly lower energy. This significantly reduces the risk of burns and increases skin tolerance. Thanks to the low energy and better heat distribution, treatment with SHR technology is completely painless.

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