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Permanent hair removal*

Smooth skin on legs and feet thanks to the latest technology

Sporty attractiveness

Among athletes, hair removal on the legs is not uncommon, as it has many advantages. Benefit from permanent hair removal* whether you are a cyclist, power athlete or swimmer. No more annoying waxing or shaving. We advise you on all alternatives of photoepilation.

It all depends on the detail

Smooth skin on legs and feet is not only positive for aesthetics, but especially for athletes, body hair can have a negative effect on performance. Hairless skin reduces air or water resistance, which is especially important when cycling or swimming. A depilated body is also an advantage in other sports such as martial arts. The opponent can slip off more easily and therefore your chances of winning the fight are higher.

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Quick help in case of injuries

Especially during sports activities, injuries occur quickly. Thanks to permanent hair removal*, first aid can take place optimally, because disturbing hairs do not have to be shaved first. The risk of infection is also significantly reduced by smooth, hair-free skin. Hair is unable to carry dirt particles into the wound and thus a quick wound healing can take place, completely without inflammation.

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Bacteria has no chance

Sweat and dirt particles do not only settle in the hair of athletes. Regardless of whether you are an athlete or not, bacteria that attach themselves to the body hair can quickly become a problem. Much easier and better skin care and cleaning can take place with permanent hair removal. Offer dirt particles no attack surface and treat yourself to the luxury of permanently* smooth skin.

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Protect yourself

Every year there are serious illnesses caused by a tick bite. To prevent this, the tick should be found as soon as possible. But especially with a strong body hair this is not easy. Especially if you are often out in nature, you should think about a permanent hair removal*. Benefit from permanent* protection and learn more about our innovative permanent hair removal* procedures.


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