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Permanent hair removal* for men INTIMATE AREA

Especially in this sensitive area, painless and skin-friendly hair removal is of great importance. We at Haarfreiheit Stuttgart offer you many possibilities.

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Intimate hair removal for men

Unwanted hair growth

There are some places on the male body where body hair is quite desirable by many. But there are also some parts of the body where many men wish to have smooth and hair-free skin. Especially in the intimate area, the hair does not look particularly aesthetic, due to the shape of the hair. Therefore, a depilated intimate area has long been desired not only by women, but also more men are looking for alternatives to get rid of their pubic hair.

What is the best method?

At the forefront of the methods is, of course, shaving. Many men go straight for the razor and shave their intimate hair. Regardless of how precisely the work was done, new hairs sprout from the skin after a short time. The result is unsightly stubble, which in the worst case leads to an ingrown hair. There is also the possibility to remove the hair with a depilatory cream. But this is also not permanent. In this case, the hair is chemically dissolved on the surface and also grows back after a short time.

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The permanent* solution

Hair removal with light

In order to avoid unsightly side effects, we offer the perfect alternative for a permanently* smooth intimate area. Our modern light technologies can remove hair permanently* and gently. There is a wide range of technologies, all of which we offer at Haarfreiheit Stuttgart.

Well-groomed appearance for every day

Our permanent hair removal ensures a well-groomed feeling in the intimate area every day. You can rest assured that you won’t have any stubble or forgotten hairs in difficult areas.

No more wasted time in the bathroom! Instead, rely on our skin-friendly and painless XENOgel Technology. The perfect solution for male intimate hair removal.

Hair removal with light by an expert

Optimal service thanks to the best technology

In our institute in Stuttgart you have the possibility to freely choose a technology, because we have all the techniques of permanent hair removal* available on the market. Thus, we can respond to every need and every demand. In addition, each device is used by medical professionals, so we can offer you a professional service.

Discretion is very important for us

We can understand if at first it seems a bit strange to have this private area treated. However, each of our staff members convinces with full discretion and professionalism. Therefore you can be treated relaxed and without shame in our institute in Stuttgart.


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