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permanent hair removal* for men under the ARMPITS

Improve aesthetics and hygiene by removing underarm hair at the institute in Stuttgart.

Smooth armpits without hair

No longer only a woman’s issue

Nowadays it is completely normal for men to depilate the underarm area. Underarm hair removal is no longer a part of the daily grooming routine only for women. The reasons for this can be purely aesthetic, but also hygienic. Our medical and cosmetic staff will be happy to advise you so that you can find the right procedure for permanent hair removal* with us.

Remove armpit hair and look better

Smooth skin is perceived as more aesthetic and well-groomed by most people. This also applies to the armpits. Underarm hair is no longer seen as masculine and tends to disrupt the overall appearance. Therefore, it’s time to get rid of these hairs. Additionally, without the presence of hair, sweat is less likely to adhere. While this doesn’t prevent underarm sweat, it can reduce the proliferation of bacteria, which tend to cling to the hair and thrive in the warmth.

Shave hair under your armpits?

But how does a man best remove underarm hair? Many resort to using a razor regularly. However, this method often leaves unsightly stubble. Moreover, other unwanted side effects such as skin irritations or ingrown hairs frequently occur, disrupting the aesthetic appearance. With our methods, such as SHR or IPL, we can remove every unwanted hair for you without any unsightly side effects.

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Feel free without hair under the armpits

Be free in your choice of clothes without thinking about unsightly underarm hair. Our permanent hair removal* frees you from annoying stubble. Thus, you can be and feel completely free. The techniques in our institute work painlessly and are gentle on the skin, so that you look perfect every day. Our medical staff will be happy to advise you on all methods and together with you the perfect procedure.

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Our permanent hair removal* with light frees you from daily shaving. Due to the effective way of working, you can see the first results in just a few sessions and thus never have a big effort to remove hair again. A session lasts only a few minutes and does not restrict you even after the treatment. Thus, you can optimally integrate a treatment into your everyday life and enjoy a lasting result.


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