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Permanent hair removal* for women at BUTTOCKS & GLUTEAL FOLD

Get rid of buttock hair easily as a woman with permanent laser hair removal by visiting our experts in Stuttgart.

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Permanently* remove unwanted hair growth on the buttocks

Hair at female buttocks

Many women feel bothered by hair growth on their buttocks, affecting their appearance. Do you feel the same way? If so, you’re not alone, as many women try to remove buttock hair themselves. Removing body hair in the buttocks and buttock crease area can indeed be quite a challenge.

The best technology for the best result

In addition to shaving, other methods like waxing can also be very painful and unbearable. Moreover, both waxing and shaving can result in minor skin injuries and itching. Conventional methods are not only painful but also quite time-consuming. This is where our photoepilation procedures come into play, as they free you from bothersome hair growth without any itching or skin irritations.

Best technology for best results

In Stuttgart, you have access to various innovative technologies, including SHR, diode laser, and IPL, to painlessly and effectively remove unwanted hair from the buttocks and buttock crease. Visible results can be achieved after just a few sessions. Particularly noteworthy is the advanced XENOgel® Technology, which offers a skin-friendly alternative. Experience a new sense of smoothness and well-being without the inconvenience of unwanted hair on your buttocks.

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Hair on the buttocks?

Never again – With permanent hair removal in Stuttgart, you can get rid of female buttock hair once and for all, and all of this painlessly.

Hair-free butt crease

With us you can feel comfortable

Especially when shaving, it can happen that one or two hairs are overlooked. In areas like the butt crease, it is also very difficult to see and catch all the hairs and this can lead to frustration. That’s why we recommend our photoepilation, which will help you feel aesthetic and free again, every day. Experience absolute freedom thanks to permanent hair removal*.

With a good feeling in every situation

Although these areas are not always visible to everyone, they should still not be neglected. With permanent hair removal* from Haarfreiheit, you can feel desirable and confident again, in any situation. Treat yourself to this luxury.

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Get rid of itching – forever*

No more itching at the buttocks

The areas of the butt crease and buttocks require a lot of effort and care. However, common hair removal methods can cause skin irritation, which then leads to itching and pimples. By a treatment of permanent hair removal by means of light, you prevent such undesirable side effects and ensure perfect hygiene. Let us advise you on our photoepilation procedures and enjoy absolute perfection.

Discretion and expertise in Stuttgart

When it comes to such sensitive and private parts of the body, special discretion is needed. Therefore, in our institute you will be treated exclusively by professional, discreet staff. Here, you can address all problems and questions in a completely unbiased manner and we will help you find the appropriate solution. We want you to feel comfortable and safe with us.


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