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Permanent hair removal* for men at the COCCYX

Many men struggle with a lengthy healing process when a coccyx fistula occurs. Protect yourself from this condition with permanent hair removal* in Stuttgart.

How does a pilonidal cyst form, and what can be done about it?

What exactly is a pilonidal sinus, and how does it develop?

Can good hygiene prevent a pilonidal sinus?

Hygienic aspects are very important when dealing with the area of the buttocks. However, even this does not always help to prevent the disease. The reason is that the hair itself can become a problem if it becomes ingrown. At this point, it would make sense to eliminate the cause of a coccyx fistula, namely the hair itself.

Here, however, the problem arises that the usual methods are not a real solution. When shaving, the hair is cut back to the surface and subsequently grows back again. Here the problem is aggravated, because the ingrowth of the hair is a considerable risk, especially during regrowth. Also with epilating or waxing, the hair is pulled out completely. Nevertheless, this does not prevent regrowth, it just takes longer.

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Enjoy freedom without hairs

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Never worry again

How do I prevent a pilonidal sinus?

Prevention of ingrown hairs on the coccyx through laser or light

In addition to absolute hygiene, permanent removal of hair on the coccyx with light is recommended. Since hair is the cause of a coccygeal fistula, it cannot occur if no hair grows in that area in the first place. This is not possible with conventional removal methods because the hair keeps growing back, creating the conditions for the issue. Laser hair removal on the coccyx can thus prevent a coccygeal fistula.

Which technique is best suited for prevention?

We offer all available methods of permanent hair removal* with light on the market, allowing us to tailor the treatment perfectly to your skin and hair type and provide you with an optimal solution, including laser treatment for problematic hair on the coccyx. Our XENOgel Technology, in particular, stands out with its impressive effectiveness and an absolutely painless and skin-friendly approach, which is crucial for hair removal in the sensitive area of the coccyx. Our innovative technology not only achieves excellent results but also ensures a pleasant and comfortable experience during the treatment.

Best service for hair removal on the coccyx

All treatments are performed by trained professionals in order to offer you the best service around permanent hair removal* with light. In addition, our medical cooperation partner is at our side to help with the medical assessment. Permanent hair removal* at your expert Haarfreiheit.

Live freedom

Forget your worries about ingrown hairs on the coccyx, and let us help you. Preventing coccyx pilonidal cysts is easy when the hair in this area is lasered. Schedule a free and non-binding consultation in Stuttgart and learn more about our methods for permanent* coccyx hair removal. We look forward to meet you!

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